A Little Creative Comfort

The Creative Comfort Collective is a privately funded initiative birthed through my creative gifts ministry, Sowing His Gifts. Through this collective, I put together what I call comfort kits consisting of 3-4 handmade items which include 1 hat, 1 cowl or scarf, 1 hand/arm warmer or 1 pair of gloves, and a blanket when available. Each … Continue reading A Little Creative Comfort


Creative Branding

Staying true to the integrity I have set behind my brand, honoring my journey as an artist and my two decade long story as a creative is a constant for my personal development and driven work ethic. I recognize my skills, talents and abilities as a gift directly from the Father and master Creator of … Continue reading Creative Branding

A Prophetic Warning

It’s funny how some people try so hard to disprove truth of Yeshua being the Son of God and discredit the Bible (many far more intelligent and well studied have tried and failed, so will you) I just literally shake my head in disbelief that mere men are this self-righteous and delusional. In vanity and … Continue reading A Prophetic Warning