Hospitals Need to Be Held Accountable

I wanted to make everyone aware of what is going on in these hospitals right now. Namely Riverside Community Hospital located in Riverside, CA. My brother died on 4/13/2020. He had been in the hospital for 1 month for adrenal insufficiency which caused uncontrollable diarrhea ever single day of his life as a result of … Continue reading Hospitals Need to Be Held Accountable

The False Doctrine of Embracing Fear

People are continuously lying to us on what seems to be a minute by minute, day to day basis. The lies are coming in various forms and from every direction. From journalists to activists, scientists to doctors, academics to politicians, the list goes on and on. And yet one of the biggest lies I’ve heard … Continue reading The False Doctrine of Embracing Fear

Fear Not

“Life is a fire and it will melt you but you get to CHOOSE which mold you fit into” Stress & Fear suppresses the immune system and makes you more susceptible to illness. Stay in peace. Meditate on Gods word and don’t be moved by what you hear. If you belong to God, you’re covered. … Continue reading Fear Not