A Prayer of Declaration: John 14:26-27

"Father, I thank You for Holy Spirit, whom You sent in Jesus' name. I thank You, Father, that Holy Spirit teaches me all things, and brings to my remembrance all things that You said to me through Your word. I give you praise and honor because You have permitted me Your peace, with Your peace, … Continue reading A Prayer of Declaration: John 14:26-27


Perfumers in the Bible

We see perfumers primarily in the Old Testament. There are three references to them in the book of Exodus, one in 2 Chronicles and one in Nehemiah. The King James translation uses the word apothecary with "perfumer" being the rendered vocational name of the profession in other Bible translations. The Hebrew word for apothecary is … Continue reading Perfumers in the Bible

The Privilege of Prayer

Prayer is the single most important practice in the life of a believer. Prayer is our lifeline to our Father and I see it as one of the most privileged points of participation in my walk. The thought of being able to freely (because of Yeshua’s sacrifice) entreat, petition, and simply engage in a practice … Continue reading The Privilege of Prayer