The Creative Comfort Collective is a privately funded initiative birthed through my creative gifts ministry, Sowing His Gifts. Through this collective, I put together what I call comfort kits consisting of 3-4 handmade items which include 1 hat, 1 cowl or scarf, 1 hand/arm warmer or 1 pair of gloves, and a blanket when available. Each item is made by me, by hand with the finest quality yarn available. Yarn and other handmade items are also donated by other makers wanting to contribute to the comfort kits. The objective is to bring small gifts of comfort and warmth to adults and children who are in need of it. These comfort kits not only serve the homeless community but also those who can’t purchase a simple hat to protect and cover their child’s head from the cold. For the runaway teen who is now living on the street to escape an abusive home. For the mother and her children forced to live in a shelter because her husband left them and now they have nothing. For the man battling a debilitating illness who is in pain and not only needs comfort but also a respite from the cold. These are just some of the personal stories shared with me from people I have met over the years that have deeply touched me.

I truly care for all people and have always had a special place in my heart for the less fortunate, the voiceless, rejected, abandoned and forgotten. It is out of this place that the comfort kits were born. My prayer is that these handmade items will not only bring comfort to the body but also to the heart. People in situations like these and countless others need a win in life and to receive a quality item handmade with them in mind may not be the solution to their problems but may keep them warm along the way. 

My first distribution of comfort kits will be in mid-February and will be distributed on a monthly basis throughout the year. The kits are distributed to wherever there is a need: churches, convalescent homes, elementary schools, those living on the streets and in shelters and various organizations that serve the less fortunate. If you are a maker and would like to contribute to these kits please email me at I will inform you of specific drop off locations so I can personally and securely receive your items. Your items can also be shipped to me if you prefer. If you are not a maker or creative but want to contribute, you can. I accept monetary donations, as well as yarn or craft store (Michaels, Walmart, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby) gift cards, which are used to purchase yarn.

The mission behind my ministry is to sow the fruits of my creative gifts into the lives of others and invite other creatives the opportunity to do the same. I want to give makers and creatives the privilege of giving from their most personal resource. I believe that handmade items are an extension and direct reflection of the heart of its maker because they are created with love. Our creative gifts are of the utmost value to us, thus, they become one of the greatest and most valuable gifts we can give. With that said, the only thing I ask as a requirement to contribute to the kits is that your items be handmade and not store bought. The only non-handmade item that can be included in the kits are blankets (but handmade blankets can be given too).

Warm heads = happy hearts. Thanks in advance for your contribution!

My gifts for His glory,

Natisha, xo