Prayer is the single most important practice in the life of a believer. Prayer is our lifeline to our Father and I see it as one of the most privileged points of participation in my walk. The thought of being able to freely (because of Yeshua’s sacrifice) entreat, petition, and simply engage in a practice which fosters the uninhibited habitation of our Father is astounding. When I talk to Him, He talks to me and when I don’t know what to say, Holy Spirit is right there illuminating my path to prayer. Not only is Holy Spirit there whenever I need that extra guidance, but the Word tells us that Yeshua is interceding for me as well. That to me is the ultimate privilege.

To think that my Father thinks enough of me, His daughter, a mere human, to allow me access to even communicate with Him and Him with me is mind-blowing. It is a daily opportunity that I am excited and look forward to engaging in every single morning. Sitting, as king’s do, (seated in heavenly places) on the throne daily, ruling and reigning with Christ as my Father has given me the authority to do. Confidently situated in the heavenlies next to my Father. Yeshua praising the Father and telling the devil what he can’t and won’t do to me or my family or anything connected with me. That my friend is priceless! Plus, the fact that my prayer time is not limited to just the morning or when I’m in a crisis but any time of the day is recognizably an undeserved gift from our Father.

I love to pray, and I do it throughout the day because it is a privilege given to me by my Father. I approach Him as a child, humbly and full of wonder. I crawl up on His lap, rest my head upon His chest and cry out to my Daddy without fear of judgment or criticism. His arms envelop me and I snuggle my heart close to His and bask in His palpable love and unwavering, unfathomable adoration of me. When the world hates me, I remember in these and all times, He loves me. When people come against me and spitefully use me, I remember in these times, the honor in Him using me. When I feel alone and have no one in the world to turn to, I remember He rejoices in the opportunity to have me all to himself. When I am misunderstood and have nobody to talk to, I remember that He already knows and understands the most intricate and deepest parts of my heart and is just waiting for me to share my sorrows with Him.

He is my Father, my Daddy, my Comforter, my provider, my Healer, my Protector, and my forever Covering. My times of prayer are precious to me. My privilege of communication with my Father is priceless and I am honored that He feels the same regarding me.


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