A Prayer for Relying on God

Thank you, Lord, that you light the way before me. You give me clear instruction and keep me firmly planted on the paths of righteousness. Your Word is ever before me. It is tested, tried, and true. I put my complete trust in You. You are my shield and my refuge. You are my rock … Continue reading A Prayer for Relying on God


To Honor His Name

A beautiful name that we are privileged to call upon. The God of all creation Who deserves to be glorified because He is great and greatly to be praised. A name so Holy that I speak with reverential fear, a sacrifice to incredible to comprehend. How I love His name and forever will I worship … Continue reading To Honor His Name

A Prayer to Glorify His Presence

Heavenly Father, worshiping You gives me strength and frees my soul to soar like an eagle. Your presence fills my life with gladness and great rejoicing. In Your presence is the fullness of joy and peace that passes all understanding. Let Your grace and mercy be a healing balm to my heart. Your forgiveness cleanses … Continue reading A Prayer to Glorify His Presence