For Nya’s 18th Birthday

My daughter had one special yet simple request of me for her 18th birthday gift, her own personalized plaque. Singing is a passion of hers and she has a beautiful voice so this plaque is my tribute to both.


Birthday Encouragement

One day last month while scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I came across a video posted by a friend. Now, I usually don't click on or watch videos posted on Facebook because there are just too many and most of them are ridiculous. My normal action is to keep scrolling which is what I did … Continue reading Birthday Encouragement

A Plaque for Ryan

This plaque was made for and delivered to a deserving little boy who's mother wanted nothing more than for him to have an extra special 11th birthday. Ryan has severe autism and has difficulty making friends. As a parent, I can't imagine seeing my child crying every other day because she has no friends or … Continue reading A Plaque for Ryan